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We are committed to creating a cleaner world for future generations!

We strive for Perfection

We are committed to continuous improvement through the Kaizen philosophy. Continuous improvement is our cornerstone for achieving excellence. We regard our employees as our most valuable asset. Our core values center on ethics, honesty, and integrity. We view our customers as valued partners, building strong relationships through open communication and collaboration.

ZE Lithium

Lithium Carbonate

We offer the highest quality lithium carbonate available on the market, sourced from Latin America, China, and Australia. Lithium carbonate is essential for the production of lithium batteries and energy blocks, which power electrical vehicles.

ZE Lithium

Lithium Batteries

We offer top-quality lithium batteries, including LFC, LFB, LFP, LFR, Smart String Energy Storage Systems (ESS Series), Deep Cycle Batteries, Front Terminal Batteries, High Performance Batteries, and General Purpose Batteries. We partner with industry-leading suppliers to ensure you receive the most reliable and advanced energy storage solutions available.

ZE Lithium
ZE Lithium

About us

We're a passionate team of visionaries dedicated to accelerating the transition to clean energy. Our team is driven by a clear vision: accelerating the global transition to clean energy and mitigating the environmental impact of the oil industry.

We collaborate with leading global suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, ensuring timely delivery of essential clean energy solutions.

Unlock boundless possibilities

Join us in contributing to a greener world!

Why us?


We uphold excellence in every aspect of our work, continually striving to improve and demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards.


We hold an unwavering commitment to environmental protection, believing that a secure future necessitates a transition away from traditional energy sources.


We are loyal to our partners at any level. Our loyalty is expressed in our honesty and integrity.

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